Verge 500

Verge 500 Water recycling system

Our patent pending proprietary technology deploys NEES or Nano Efficient Electrolysis Solution to purify and treat water. Depending on the application, nano charged particles are introduced into    an aqueous medium to destabilize suspended or emulsified contaminants. The electromotive force causes agent coagulation induced pH to shift towards neutral.


An innovative new technology that could breathe new life into Belgium’s WTP’s (water treatment plants). Heavy-duty VERGE routinely treats TDS of up to 15,000 ppm; something no other WTP system is capable of! The technology brings a plethora of benefits, meriting your consideration as it adds the following value to your business:


Ø  Tunable, scalable design, size, and configuration.

Ø  Does away with pretreatment/ water softening requirements.

Ø  Eliminates fouling associated with stale water from ageing membranes.

Ø  Unlike RO treated water, retains good minerals vital for health.

Ø  Dramatic reduction in water wastage enables your plant to go green.

Ø  Your business gains traction from lawmakers, environmentalists, ESG investors and savvy consumers who value sustainability credentials.  

As water passes through our proprietary coagulation agent, multiple reactions take place simultaneously. As metal ions in the water hydrolyze into hydrogen gas and hydroxyl groups, electrons flow freely to destabilize surface charges on suspended solids and emulsified agents. As the reaction continues, large flocs form that trap suspended solids, heavy metals, emulsified agents, biological matter, and other contaminants. Finally, the flocs are removed from the water in downstream solids separation and filtration process steps.

Ø  AI module enables hands free operations

Ø  Up to 80% Hardness and TDS Reduction

Ø  Automation of mineral output

Ø  Alert Indicators

Ø  Auto Self-Cleaning

Ø  Improved Taste, Color & Odor of Water

Ø  Retains essential minerals; TDS <500 ppm

Ø  Reduces Water Hardness to <50 ppm

Ø  Water pH customizable to 6.5 to 7.5

Ø  No consumables other than HCL

Ø  Solves the problem of environmental pollution

Ø  Your business can achieve sustainability goals without incurring additional costs!

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500 Liters per hour
Low energy consumption
Water output customisable



EcoSolve's Verge500

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